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CompuByte Innovative POS Software
Now only R 3895 single user
R 5895
 Multi-user (4 pc’s)
R1500 extra terminal License (for more than 4pc’s)
** Plus :-  R 121 per month support and license (single user)**
** Plus :-  R 242 per month support and license (multi-user 4pc’s extra R60.50 per pc for added terminals)**
All prices exclude VAT (15%)

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 * * * A Reliable, Easy and fast Point of Sale Software. Three decades of Experience * * *

• Point of Sale (LayBuys/Quotations/Proformas)
• Full Stock Package (size matrixes included / Bill of Materials etc.)
• Debtors (revolving credit facility) / Creditors
• Good Receiving module with barcode labeling.
• Cash Book – Generate Profit and Loss statement. (No Balance Sheet)
• Powerful Report Generators.
• A proudly South African product
• Package includes – 100+pages printed manual with DVD disk including Visual Tutorials

*Catering for : – * Clothing Stores * Spare Shops * Supermarkets * Restaurants * Takeaways * Hardware Stores * Basically any Store *

Introducing – The CompuByte POS Package

What makes the CompuByte set of business Point of Sale application programs so different and yet so popular when there are hundreds of other programs to choose from ???.

The answer to this question would undoubtedly be the best introduction we could give on the CompuByte POS set of programs.

Simplicity in usage. The operator is at all times in full control of the package being used. Easy menu/icon driven choices guide you through the different program modules. A person who has never used a computer before could move freely within the package in less than ten minutes. There are so many fancy packages around with lots of windows and clustered screens that would daunt any user . . . So we at CompuByte have decided to keep our package extremely simple – cursor or prompt driven. Our philosophy : KISS ….’Keep it Simple very… very… Simple ‘

The programs are individually tailored to your business within minutes. This feature is unmatched by any other package local or imported. Any business would obviously like their programs to be closely adapted to their current manual operations and not be forced to change to the demands of a package which cannot be tailored in any way.

Proven reliability. The CompuByte package has been in existence for the past two decades and is being updated monthly to meet new client requirements. There are at present over ten thousand clients using the package.

Full training with every package. Every package includes a free training four hours . You can specify how you want to utilise your four hours of training. Although we have full documented help facilities in the form of user manuals and video tutorials that will definitely get you going . . . we entertain telephone and remote online desktop support.

Complete Security. You have sole access control into any one of the CompuByte program modules. The access codes can be set at various levels and each can be changed by the security operator in your business.

Peace of mind processing. No worries of corrupted files when the lights go off. All processing is done directly to the disk with minimum usage of data memory in volatile ram. Sometimes in even the best packages things can go wrong!!! That’s when the package really proves itself. Since we have three controller files to any input (i.e besides the normal debit and credit entry check there is a third file check for any disk disruption, this will immediately warn you of a corruption or security bridge on any module.) After a system crash you can begin working from where you left off.

Package Includes : 100+pages Manual – DVD Disk – Visual Tutorials

CompuByte POS is RFID ready !

A Typical POS System


R12 000 ex vat
Computer Dell Optiplex 790SFF (refurb) i5 4Gig RAM 240GBSSD(new)

One Year Warranty !
18.5’ Colour Monitor (new)
Thermal Slip Printer(small new)
Laser Barcode Scanner (new)
Heavy Duty Cash Drawer (new)
CompuByte Single User Software

Contact :
+27 11 791 3763
+27 82 4104777

111 4th Avenue – Linden – Johannesburg

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