Compu-Byte End User License and Non-disclosure Agreement

   Use of Compu-Byte accounting programs constitutes 
   acceptance of the terms and conditions of the
   licence agreement below.

   (1) COMPU-BYTE (the licenser) grants the customer
   (the licensee) a non-exclusive paid-up license to use
   the software and supporting documentation (the product)
   on one single computer owned or rented by the licensee
   using a company name selected by the licensee.
   Additional company names may be issued by COMPU-BYTE 
   at its sole discretion.

   (2) Title to the media on which the product is recorded
   is transfered to the licensee, but not title to the
   product, which is expressly protected by copyright law,
   which title remains at all times with the licenser,
   together with all copies made of the product.

   (3) In consideration of this, the licensee undertakes
   not to allow the said product to be re-produced,
   transmitted,transcribed, stored in a retrieval system,
   or translated into any language or computer language,
   in any form or by any means,electronic, mechanical,
   magnetic, photographic, xerographic, or chemical,
   manual or otherwise, with the sole exception of copies
   required for back-up purposes, on condition that the
   location of such copies shall be disclosed to the
   licenser or his appointed agent/s on request.

   (4) The licensee further undertakes not to use the said
   software on multiple computers whether or not owned by
   the licensee.Any such copies are deemed by this agreement
   to be an infringement of the licenser`s copyright.  The
   licensee also expressly agrees that unauthorised copying
   and/or disclosure of the product to parties
   (as defined by sections (1)-(3) above) will cause the
   licenser damage and financial loss far in excess of
   the value of those copies.

   (5) The licenser firmly believes it`s product to be of
   the highest quality, and have attempted to make the
   product easy to use and error free.  However, the product
   is supplied on an (asis) basis, and the user assumes
   all risks in using the product.

   (6) The licenser shall therefore incur no responsibility
   to the licensee or to any other person or entity with
   respect to any liability, loss or damage caused or alleged
   to have been caused including, but not limited to, any
   interuption of service, loss of business, anticipatory
   profits or consequential damages resulting directly or
   indirectly from the use of the product.

   (7) This agreement shall inure to the benefit of any third
   party holding any right, title or interest in the product.
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